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Millennium Resourcing

Millennium Consulting has over twenty year’s experience in resourcing for our customers. We can provide temporary (contract) or permanent JD Edwards staff in any location globally. Our business model is as follows: -

- Cost-effective - premium quality consultants available at reasonable cost

- Change management and stake-holder engagement focus

- Extensive portfolio of consultants from across the globe with

- Minimue 10 years JDE experience at leading organisations

- Quality assurance as a result of a careful selection process

- Flexibility: short, medium or long term as needed

- Rapid deployment for when projects are time critical

- International mobility wherever needed

- Reliability and a record of project achievement

We are very different from the traditional recruitment organisations. Our team comprises seasoned JDE experts, many with twenty year’s JDE experience in consulting, project management and sales.

This experience means we will understand your requirement. We can add value and provide you with one or two candidates that precisely match your requirements in terms of skills, availability, location and cost. This saves you valuable time and money. We can turn around your requests quickly and efficiently. We don’t bombard you with CV’s leaving the qualification process to you and your team – we do the qualification for you, add value and save you time. After all, time is the most precious commodity. In summary we can offer you rapid deployment of skilled resources anywhere. Our unique business model allows us to be more reactive.

BAU business as usual

Growing companies undergoing change and deploying new technology will eventually switch to Business As Usual (BAU) operations. When this happens, the calibre of the internal staff is every bit as important as the project team and securing the best talent to work within your business should be a key priority. This is where Millennium Consulting can help. Our extensive network of experienced SAP specialists stretches out across the globe and includes SAP experts seeking new permanent roles as well as those seeking interim opportunities. When undertaking new projects it may be advisable to move existing team members to the new project and backfill their roles either permanently or temporarily. We can support you by leveraging Millennium’s SAP network to ensure your new project and BAU operations are successfully resourced.

With over 20 years’ experience working at the heart of the ERP community we identify and secure the right people for you to ensure a smooth transition and avoid disruption to your business. For further details about our comprehensive SAP recruitment solutions please contact us to arrange an introductory call or a face to face meeting.

executive search

With over 20 years’ experience successfully recruiting senior Finance and Technology Executives for many of the world’s leading organisations that use SAP, Millennium Consulting has a clear understanding of the key issues involved:

- Organisation culture; hierarchical, flat structure, traditional, new age etc.

- Corporate life cycle; start up, high growth, established etc.

- Personality profiling; extravert, introvert, structured, innovative etc.

- Experience requirement; market sector, seniority, delivery history etc.

At the heart of our activities are the close relationships we establish with our client's senior management. Working collaboratively with CEOs, CFOs and CTOs we gain a deep understanding of their goals and priorities relating to the recruitment of their teams. By understanding their ambitions and blending their diverse requirements into finely honed job descriptions we are able to uncover the often hidden elements that may be a priority but can on occasion be overlooked.  

Our search process relies on our widespread network of SAP professionals across the globe and we also conduct on and off-line research to identify individuals who may be suitable for your organisation. Discretion is essential and we work in confidence with clients and the executives we approach. When necessary, we take responsibility for representing our clients’ brands to third parties in an appropriate manner.

Successful delivery is our priority as the appointment of SAP specialists can be time critical. Without the right people in post, an organisation may lack direction and be unable to deliver the strategic initiatives it needs to in order to compete effectively.