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Health Check

If you implemented SAP some years ago then it's conceivable you may not be making full use of the functionality now available. The Health Check evaluates your SAP software use from both a functional and technical perspective and identifies methods to enhance and refresh business processes, create efficiencies and achieve cost savings. It covers Finance, Procurement, Logistics, Manufacturing, Distribution and Reporting and provides a comprehensive review of existing processes, system set-up, technical architecture, software licence usage etc. The review process involves:

Step 1 Business Process Workshop (BPW) with the SAP Sponsor, System Manager and other key stakeholders to agree review scope.

Step 2 Operational process reviews conducted with key users across the selected areas to gain a detailed understanding of day to day issues.

Step 3 The Systems Review Report is produced covering the areas discussed and issues identified including short, medium and long term recommendations for operational improvement. This report is distributed to the stake holders.

Step 4 A meeting is held with the stake-holders to discuss the report findings including identifying ways to make better use of the software functionality, improve business processes, reporting and integration as well as to increase user knowledge. The report is discussed in detail, questions answered, strategy agreed and a high level project plan produced.

This is a major step to ensuing you operate in accordance with Best Practice in your use of SAP.



Why upgrade?

As support is withdrawn for older software versions (or there are compatibility issues with new hardware, databases, operating or communication systems), upgrading is advisable.

Upgrading avoids the risk of technical incompatibility issues, unsupported software, and ensures the latest functionality is deployed and delivers process efficiencies and cost savings.

With a fast-moving business, SAP continuously develops highly innovative software products for different markets. But where to find information about the latest innovations? You can now access business and technical information for SAP innovations and features through the innovation discovery service for SAP products, an interactive tool that helps you turn the adoption of innovations into tangible value for your business.

SAP S/4HANA is the next-generation business suite designed to help you run simple in the digital economy. But, what does this mean for your enterprise? Discover how SAP S/4HANA can help you become a digital enterprise. Take just five minutes to share your company information and get your personalized Business Scenario Recommendations report within five business days.

Get more details on SAP S/4HANA

Stay up to date with the latest information and insight related to SAP Business Suite application upgrades, SAP innovations, support and maintenance and other related SAP offerings. Read the latest editions

The self-service SAP Transformation Navigator automatically derives the best-fit recommended products from your current use of our SAP product portfolio as well as potential new Business Capabilities in the future. It also takes into consideration preference for deployment (Cloud, On Premise) and specifics to functional usage.

Get guidance with the SAP Transformation Navigator

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SAP Release Strategy

Maintenance 2025

Global Deployments

Deploying SAP involves both technical and change management issues. It is likely to involve collaboration with external partners with specialist knowledge and experience to provide advice, design and configuration expertise. Project teams may include partners, internal teams, independent consultants or a hybrid mix. Recognising that project cost, as well as delivery, is critical and affects the success of SAP change programs, we ensure our clients maintain control over their budgets without impacting quality. With over 21 years’ experience deploying SAP our teams also include Change Managers with extensive stake-holder engagement experience as well as technical specialists.

Millennium Consulting provides SAP professionals for projects taking place across the globe. The importance of specialist local knowledge when rolling out to a new country should not be under estimated. Sometimes the smallest country requires the greatest effort to implement SAP effectively.

A successful deployment requires the following: -

  • In country product expertise
  • Local language skills
  • Familiarity with the local culture
  • Knowledge of localisation rules (tax, reporting etc.)
  • Change management skills
  • Planning abilities
  • Collaborative co-operation with local teams

Millennium has assisted with the localisation requirements of many SAP customers. Maximizing the return on investment for an ERP initiative is no small challenge. Given the level of financial and human resource commitment required to streamline operations with SAP, our clients turn to us to help them make sure that ROI is not evaporated at the final stage.

How do you make sure the end-user adopts and embraces the deployment? Presenting material in the local language, clearly and comprehensively, can be the difference between success and failure in a global SAP deployment. If the materials are not presented in a clear and understandable manner, it is easy to see how the benefits from running a global ERP will not be realised.


If it's been some years since you implemented SAP, it's likely you are not making full use of the functionality now available. We can help you address this deficiency, allowing you to enhance and refresh your business processes, create efficiencies and achieve cost savings.

“SAP Optimise” is a Review & Action initiative designed to achieve material cost savings, improved working practices and enhanced all round performance. It provides a comprehensive assessment of your current processes, system set-up, software licence usage etc. Following the on-site review and workshops, a Systems Review Report is produced documenting the current set up and providing recommendations for quick wins and medium to long term systems enhancements. The final stage of the Optimise process is the end to end delivery of the agreed strategy to achieve the required improvements.

Optimisation process

Phase 1

Arrange a Business Process Workshop (BPW) with the software sponsor, SAP Manager and other key stakeholders to agree the scope of the optimisation engagement.

Phase 2

Carry out operational process reviews with the key users across the selected areas to gain a detailed understanding of day to day operations and possible issues.

Phase 3

Produce the Systems Review Report covering the areas discussed and issues identified including short, medium and long term recommendations for operational improvement. This report is distributed to each stake holder.

Phase 4

Present the report to the primary stake-holders and discuss the report findings and options available to use up to date software functionality, improved business processes/reporting/integration and to increase user knowledge. The report is analysed in detail, questions answered, a strategy agreed and a high level project plan produced.

Phase 5

Assemble project team and assign responsibilities amongst internal staff and the Millennium Consulting project team.

Phase 6

Deliver the agreed solution in accordance with the Millennium Consulting Project Delivery Methodology (MCPDM).

Bespoke Development

Millennium’s bespoke development services enables you to leverage your SAP software investment by developing custom built screens and integrating with third party software to achieve automated processes.

Services include:

Strategic Advice

Bespoke functional specification, technical specification design, systems documentation and installation guide.

Bespoke Application Development

Financials, Technical, Database, Contract Service Billing, Procurement, Distribution, Commitment Accounting for Budget control and bespoke framework.


Coding in Java, Swing, JDBC, XML, C/C++, C#, Hana .Net Web-services and SQL on several DBMS and platforms.


XMLI, and Bespoke Framework.

Software Installation

SAP installation, Hana, web applications and databases.

Financial Regulation

IFRS 17 relates to the insurance industry. Millennium Consulting is working closely with SAP and its customers to develop an Insurance Industry Solution for IFRS17. If you would like to learn more please contact us.

If you are interested in the latest financial regulation requirements and how they may affect you pleae visit our Millennium Consulting site.