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Many companies choose an ERP solution that meets their requirements but over time due to growth, diversity or acquisition, the company changes and outgrows the ERP solution in place. Sometimes additional investment in the ERP setup can make the difference but for many companies, particularly those that have been acquired, it makes more sense to migrate away from the current ERP. Many of these migrations are from smaller ERP solutions to SAP.

Millennium Consulting is in a unique position to assist companies who are, for whatever reason, migrating away from their current ERP to a new one be it a new implementation or a deployment into an existing ERP. We are not aligned to one vendor. We have multiple ERP practises. This means that we can assist companies migrate by using our knowledge of both ERP systems, the complexities of migrating and managing data, and all the other issues that arise from such a complex and disruptive project.

Many larger organisations have multiple ERP solutions and seek to consolidate to fewer or a single primary ERP solution. This requires an understanding of all the incumbent products and solutions and a more general knowledge of the capabilities of each. A strategy can then be put into place for consolidation which, in turn, can save money and improve efficiency.

Currently Millennium Consulting has ERP practises with the following vendors: -

Millennium Affine

ERP products

Our ERP product experience extends to the following on premise, hybrid-cloud and cloud ERP products: -

  • SAP Business One
  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE E1)
  • Oracle JD Edwards World Software (JDE World)
  • Unit4 (Financials & Travel Expenses)
  • Infor (SunSystems)
  • Xledger

Example ERP migrations would include JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to SAP, or Unit4 Coda/Agresso to SAP or Infor to SAP. Our team has experience of all the major functional and technical elements of each of these ERP's including finance, supply chain, manufacturing, CRM, HCM, VCP, Reporting, Compliance, Quality, Training, development, reporting etc.

Within the context of any migration project, data is the biggest asset and must be handled with care to ensure inegrity and it must be cleansed prior to going live. Historical data must also be considered and a suitable strategy put in place to meet the requirements as such. Millennium Consulting we can provide solutiuons for all the supported infrastructure and technical elements including: -

  • Databases (HANA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2/400)
  • BI Solutions
  • Web Deployment Solutions
  • Bespoke development
  • Integration
  • Data migration and Master Data Management
  • Infrastructure Design & Cloud Deployment (on premise, hybrid-cloud, cloud)
  • Project Management
  • Managed Services

For general financial guidance and assistance Millennium Affine works across all ERP solutions and can advise on all aspects of finance and financial regulation including current topics like GDPR, IFRS and Brexit.


So what benefits can you expect to achieve from an ERP migration or Consolidation project? By doing this you can bring a structured and robust approach to the overall ERP and enterprise application strategy. This will lead to less enterprise applications, less diverse skill requirements, less infrastructure requirements and less software maintenance.  On the organisational side, the processes and services implemented within the new solution will offer significant benefits for both single country and global deployments.

If you are considering a change of ERP then we would be happy to discuss your plans, provide strategic advice and offer consultancy assistance for part or all of your project requirements. Contact us to arrange an introductory call or visit.

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